vCenter Operations Manager IP Pool Error

Following the vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.1 installation and deployment guide leads you to a notice that in order for the deployment of the vApp to work properly you must create an IP Pool and associate it to the portgroup where the vApp is to be connected. IP Pools are created at the Datacenter level. After creating the pool and deploying the app I was all set to power up the vApp. At power on an error was returned:

Cannot initialize property ‘vami.netma-sk0.VM_1’. Network has no associated network protocol profile.

Googling this error will lead you to a few places where its mentioned the issue is that you did not create an IP Pool. The problem was I did in fact create this pool. What the issue turned out to be was we have multiple dVswitches for different clusters that have the same portgroup names. Even though I triple checked the correct portgroup where the vApp was located did indeed have an IP Pool associated this did not rectify the error. The fix was to go back to the IP Pool configuration section, right click on the pool, and edit the properties. Once inside go to the associations tab and select all portgroups that have similar names.

Another quick fact about this IP Pool is you do not need to select Enable IP Pool inside of the pool settings. This checkbox option is only necessary if you intend to specify a range of IP’s.

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